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2015, August 5th: Ms. Lisa Fischer & Grand Baton @Newport Jazz Festival

“Singer Lisa Fischer, a veteran of the Rolling Stones’ backup chorale and a star of the documentary 20 Feet from Stardom, torched “Fever,” the Little Willie John standard long owned by Peggy Lee, with aerial rapture over the tropicalia-Police-like jamming of her trio, Grand Baton.” here

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2015, April 24th:

A New York Times review of Lisa Fischer & Grand Baton, live at Birdland, here





2015, April 17th: A short video interview of JC presenting “Carnal Carnival”

Grand Baton – Autoproduction Sacem by SACEM

2015, March 29th: A review of the latest Grand Baton album, “Carnal Carnival”

Carnal Carnival cover

- “Essentially a hybrid composition of rock and dubstep elements with the temperament of Caribbean carnival music and the “vocabulary of the Ka drum”.[…]Carnal Carnival is a testament to Maillard’s versatility as a songwriter and his dauntlessness in experimenting with and expanding on music with a long-established heritage.[…] As a modern, urban work of music Grand Baton’s Carnal Carnival succeeds on every level.  It’s a bold new approach to a deep-rooted musical heritage, a thoughtful tribute to the musicality of an instrument and ultimately just an all out entertaining album.[…]it’s what I call a record with balls!” – Andrei Cherascu (

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